General information

  • Office Wan is VIETTEL's telecommunications service, providing enterprises with specific data links to connect two or more LANs (or devices) at specified locations into a corporate intranet based on VIETTEL's MPLS/VPN (Multi Protocol Label Switching/Virtual Private Network) infrastructure.
  • With Metrowan service, VIETTE's network becomes a stand-alone Router used exclusively for each customer. It connects encrypted points, labels and establishes a separate data transmission tunnels on the core network of VIETTEL

Benefits to the customers

  • To help enterprises easily set up a private data transmission network with high security, all models to connect remote LANs or devices to the enterprise's WAN network (Point-to-Point, Point-Multi Point, Multi Point- Multi Point, Fullmesh) in compatible with two standard equipment connections (FE, GE).
  • To actively select the preferred data rate channel with the best rates on the market, avoid wastefulness when using and paying for the packages that are higher than the requirements.
  •  To easily add new connection points and WAN networks, increase/decrease the connection bandwidth to each desired point without having to change the cable connection that was available during the usage.
  • Static IP
  • To be guaranteed in term of quality of service and served by the largest telecommunications corporation in Indochina and the 30th largest one in the world with the no. 1 transmission network in Vietnam with 7 international connection lines and 5 national backbone lines (VIETTEL).


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- Mr. Nguyen Duy Truong Giang
- Tel: 0373.163.163.

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